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The Elite Club page can be found under the Financial Report page. The Elite Club page are for those who have already crossed the line of $4,000 dollars. Those who own 40 $100 contracts, which means that if anyone invest more than four thousand dollars, he or she will automatically begin to have access to the $500 contract and later, the $1,000 contract.


The $500 contract is a more lucrative option and a quicker way to accumulate money. It is different than the $20 or the $100 contracts that pays you every 5 weeks. For example, if you bought one on the 8th of the month, every 8th of every month you will receive $50 dollars.

The $500 contract pays you $50 dollars every single month, for 20 months.

-The $100 contracts lasts for 400 days, which is 1 year, 1 month and some days..

-The $500 contract lasts for 20 months, it pays you every 30 days and it doubles your money.


This contract is different than all of the others, it generates $400 dollars per month, for 5 months. This contract only lasts for 5 months, and at the end of the 5 months you will collect $2,000 dollars.

It's a perfect way to double you money in 5 months.

If you have any more questions about how these contracts work, just call 978-876-9173.