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A Deeper Understanding of The Rules.

It is important that every Aion Savings Member has a good understanding about our rules and regulations. We operate by these rules and standards for the mutual benefit of the member and of the organization, because one can't be more than the other, only through a harmonious system, we can bring balance to the success of the member and the success of the organization. Therefore it is important to understand the system in place, for confusion is our enemy and ignorance is a barrier.

When we're all in the same frequency, in the same mindset, we flourish without obstacles. When we understand the path, we don't mind walking on the road. So let's understand the path of Aion Savings.

FACT 1= No one is obligated to invite others to make money with Aion Savings, your success in our organization does not depend on you recruiting others. If you choose to do so, out of your free-will, for whatever reason; like the desire to help someone enjoy of the same opportunity as you, than there is no problem. You're welcome to invite who ever you want, all good things in life must be shared anyways.

FACT 2= The Profit Chart is where you can see how much profit you have made during your journey with Aion Savings. You can also see how much others have made as well.

FACT 3= The Cash-Out chart is where you go to see if any of your contracts has produced you any money. Every time your contracts reaches 5 weeks, or their due dates, your profit goes to the cash-out chart. However much is in your cash-out chart, it's however much is available for you to take home.

FACT 4= We have the power to kick anyone out of Aion Savings if they misrepresent us or if they cause any sort of harm to the other members. We would still pay them according to their contract, but they would not be allowed to reinvest or to buy more contracts.

FACT 5 = If you are on the $20 chart with one or multiple $20 contracts and you want to continue benefiting from them, you'll need to buy at least one $20 contract per month. Committing to one or more $20 contract per month is for your own benefit, no one wants to only make money once, and it is not lucrative for us to have someone who wants to use us to make money once. When you commit to us, we commit to you, by making you money and growing your wealth.

FACT 6= If you are on the $100 chart, or the $500 chart, or the $1000 chart, Fact 5 applies to you as well

FACT 7= You cannot buy more than $500 dollar worth of $20 contracts, and you cannot buy more than $4,000 worth $100 contracts. Once you invest more than $4,000, you automatically join the Elite Club, with access to the $500 dollar contract. You can only own 50 of the $500 dollar contracts, after that you automatically gain access to the $1000 contracts.

FACT 8= If someone doesn't acquire at least one contract per month, according to their chart or level, than all of his or hers investments will freeze, they will stop growing until a new contract is acquired. The person also has the right to stop buying contracts if she or he wants to end their relationship with Aion Savings.

FACT 9= To end your journey with Aion Savings you must inform us of your intentions, and then we will calculate how many contracts you have, after calculating them, we will continue paying you daily and monthly up to the amount that was concluded. You will not have to acquire more contracts, but your pay out will be according to the numbers of contract you own.

FACT 10= We update everyone's payments on Sundays.

FACT 11= As we grow and expand, if needed, more facts will be added.